About Dr. Katie Bennett

Dr. Katie Bennett graduated from the National University of Natural Medicine with a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. Her undergraduate degree is in Health Sciences from Portland State University. Katies clinical experience has been in family medicine, cardiovascular care, and trans-health. She will be providing integrative medicine for her patients using, nutrition, herbal therapy, hydrotherapy, lifestyle counseling, and homeopathy. Katie is now happily accepting new patients for adjunctive care and primary care.

Dr. Bennett was drawn to Naturopathic Medicine due to personal health problems that lead to an extended illness that was promptly and permanently reversed by a short course of herbal medicine. This personal experience was the catalyst to learn and share the art and science of natural medicine with the public.

Her educational career started with a biology program, and she was introduced to public health in her last 2 years of undergraduate education at Portland State University, which opened Katies eyes to the humanitarian aspect of health care.

Dr. Bennett completed 3 clinical rotations in trans-health, working closely with patients on hormonal replacement therapy for gender identity disorder. Clinical rotations also included over half a year working with several kinds of addictions and recovery (i.e. for drugs, alcohol, and gambling), both in and outpatient, as well as 6 months working with cardiac diagnostics and treatments, among multiple rotations in primary care covering acute to chronic care management.

Katie is a proud, native Oregonian, dedicating herself to helping the residents of Lincoln City to be healthier, happier, and more connected to nature. Raised on the edge of a forest, by a registered nurse, who gave her the respect and love of nature and health sciences. Passionate love and naturopathic medicine is a beautiful mix to a happy and healthy life.

It is this supreme power and intelligence, acting in and through every atom, molecule, and cell in the human body, which is the true healer, the vis medicatrix naturae, which always endeavors to repair, to heal and to restore the perfect type Dr. Henry Lindlahr, MD